Cast all your worries with bookkeeping on our team with 20-year experience. We will negotiate with tax offices, insurance companies and social insurance administration on your behalf. We provide bookkeeping in our offices in Brno where we provide the company head offices, conference rooms or the services of a flexible office. This way we provide complete accounting services, including wages and tax optimisation, for our clients under one roof. We use the accounting systems MONEY, POHODA or ABRA. As an integral part of our services we offer drawing up any tax returns for small and medium-sized firms; on the client’s request we arrange their postponement till 30 June. We provide professional reconstructions and audits of bookkeeping. It is our mission to offer our customers discrete and individual solutions of their needs related to bookkeeping and tax registration. We enable you to sleep the sleep of just and we take over your worries and doubts about bookkeeping. This way you can spend all your energy on development of your business. Thanks to our solution you will save tens of thousands of crowns per year.


We are saving your time. Use our services in the area of bookkeeping, wages and personnel matters. Even today you may become convinced of the time saved thanks to use of our services.


Reduce fixed costs on your business. Outsourcing of services related to accounting, tax and wages will save you a few tens of thousands of crowns per year.


Be sure that we are on your side. Our team consisting of experienced professionals will help you to cope with any problem.


Rely on our team of experienced accountants who will give you useful advice. You needn’t deal with accounting regulations that are being modified continuously.