Administration of companies

We will take care of your company; we arrange changes in the Companies Register for you.


You will save time that may be invested better.

Many activities connected with your business need your 100% stretch and consume a substantial part of your time and costs. We will arrange changes in the Companies Register, organize a general meeting or register trade licences for you.

Making changes in the existing company

Upon your request we will arrange complete adjustment of your company, beginning with the general meeting and ending with registration of the amended documents in the collection of files. We will be pleased to register it in the appropriate authorities, prepare the documents necessary for making the changes in the competent local Companies Register.

Registration for the appropriate taxes

Authorize us to communicate with the tax office on your behalf. We will be pleased to arrange all formalities connected with registration of the company for the legal entity income tax, value added tax and other taxes. We have long-term experience.

Adaptation to the Act on Corporations

We will fulfil your obligation to adapt your company to the Act on Corporations. Don’t hesitate and contact our team. We will arrange everything for you. You can invest better the time you will save thanks to it.