First of all, you will save your time that you would spend on looking for suitable places, waiting for the postman and going to the post office; you will save costs on operation and lease of prestigious spaces, on wages, fitting and furnishings of the office, the conference room and the office equipment, including servicing; you will get professional services of an assistant who will provide administrative services, and many other benefits.

It is easy to establish a company with us. Within a day we will establish and incorporate the company and give you an extract from the Companies Register in relation to the company. We save your time for business, and that is why we have been improving our services all the time.

You just have to agree conditions for the services connected with providing the registered office and the date of signature. Everything may be agreed within 60 minutes. Then the authorities shall be informed of it, and the motion to file the change in registration in the Companies Register. We are able to assist you in that.

Yes, you can if there is a sign on your home and you can meet the public, authorities and other official state administration bodies. It is up to you whether you wish to sacrifice your private life, to listen to your neighbours’ complaints and to have unasked guests when you don’t expect them.

No one does. Many of our clients use the services of the FLEXI ASISTANT who will, on the basis of the power of attorney, be running around the authorities, or does necessary office works for the company. And you don’t have to think about the unpleasant works.

Making business in the form a limited liability company has a few advantages. Let’s choose the most important of them: improved prestige and position in the market, saving costs on the social and health insurance, you are liable only up to the amount of your unpaid contribution, separation of your personal property and, last but not least, possibility to receive subsidies or public contracts. You may not be granted the advantages as a self-employed person.

ATTENTION! If an entrepreneur reaches the turnover amounting to CZK 1,000,000 for consecutive 12 months, in the month following after the month when he reached the turnover he/she becomes a VAT payer even without the obligatory registration. That is why we recommend you to check amount of turnover for the preceding 12 months in the end of each month!

Notwithstanding of the accounting period, from 1 January 2016 any legal entity shall file the control report in the tax office monthly! Filing the control report depending on the accounting period shall apply only to the self-employed persons.

Yes, you can terminate or suspend the trade licence for one or more months, which is advantageous e.g. for seasonal work, and even for a few years as well. This way you will reduce payments for social insurance, but you have to take into account that the period won’t be included into the pension entitlement.

If another legal entity acts as the statutory body, a member of its statutory body or an authorized person shall act on behalf of the company.

If you work out the tax return yourself, you have to file it by 1 April. If you file it through your tax advisor, the term for filing the tax return is extended by 1 July. But TAKE CARE, you have to deliver the power of attorney granted to the tax advisor for filing the tax return to the appropriate local tax office again by 1 April!