Do you wish to use a conference room for your activities irregularly and you don’t want to pay the monthly rent? Choose a conference room according to your requirements from the offer and pay just for the time you will spend there. The conference rooms are determined for individuals, small firms and large companies that need space for their work or negotiations and will appreciate good traffic accessibility and the attractive address. We offer conference rooms with up-to-date fittings and furnishings in prestigious places in Brno, Olomouc and Plzeň. Reliable services form a part of our offer thanks to which you may leave all your worries with the conference room behind.

Time savings

We save your time by leaving behind your worries with a suitable conference room for negotiations with your business partners or colleagues. You won’t have to get refreshments or office supplies.

Saving costs

Reduce fixed costs connected with your business. Pay only for the time really spent in the conference room, not the flat rate. We offer you hourly rental thanks to which you will pay just for the time spent in the conference room.

Improve credibility

Clean conference room with refreshments prepared is a part of your reputation. Especially if it is located in an attractive building of a business centre. You may be sure that you always enter an impressive conference room.

Assistance service

We will provide you with the corresponding technical equipment in the room and our assistants will attend it. They will prepare anything necessary for you and provide professional assistance during the whole period of the lease.