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that have been taken by 4000 clients.

Ready-made company is an established company that has already been incorporated and is ready to be sold by us for subsequent use for your business. Its registered office is in one of our business centres, it has been assigned the company identification number, name and executive director. The registered capital has been paid up in full and all of the conditions implied by the law have been met. Last but not least, it has no accounting history. This popular way enables you to avoid a time-consuming process of the company establishment and you can start your business immediately under the name of the ready-made company. At the moment you will decide to do your business under the name of the ready-made company, you will get rid of worries. 
Purchase of a ready-made company is an ideal solution not only for entrepreneurs – beginners, but for all people who wish to start business within a very short period of time.


You needn’t worry about paperwork and negotiations with authorities. Invest your time much more efficiently. The ready-made company has already been in existence, and it is ready to start business immediately. By use of this type of a firm you will avoid the whole administrative process.


As a part of our services we provide the company registered office and conference rooms. We will provide a flexible office or an assistant who will take care of usual office work. We will supply complete solution for your paperwork and start of your business. We will adapt the wide range of our additional services to your individual needs.


We guarantee 100% legal and accounting transparency evidenced by all legal and accounting documents and instruments. The firms have been incorporated pursuant to valid legislation, the registered capital has been paid up and they have no accounting history.


In the event of purchase of a ready-made company you will get a head office in Brno, Plzeň or Olomouc and a package of services Standard for 1 year FREE OF CHARGE!

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