You can use companies established in advance in Slovakia if you need to start your business immediately and you don’t have to waste your the time by execution and care of all legal and other requisites. The ready-made companies represent a suitable possibility how to start business for people who don’t have experience with the establishment process or don’t like to deal with authorities. By purchase of an established limited liability company or a joint-stock company you will get a firm that you may start using for your activities immediately. Our complete administrative services give you the possibility to maintain a flexible office or to use the services of a flexible assistant. We also offer sale of head offices of the firms on attractive addresses. Are you looking for a reliable solution for your business? Contact us; we have more than 17-year experience.


Get rid of bureaucracy connected with establishment of a company.
Save your time that may be invested better.
Act on behalf of a Slovak company immediately.
Our ready-made companies have the registered capital 100% paid up.
Handing over complete documents is a part of the sale.